About Me


I’m kind of indescribable. A constant work in progress. But, let me give you the basics. 22 going on 40 [twenty-three]. A glass half empty kind of gal yet surprisingly pleasant to be around. People hate to love me. I’m a lil’ bit witty and I actually have a really great sense of humor. I want nothing but the best for my family and friends. I work hard. I recognize that life isn’t fair and opportunity isn’t created equally. I wish other’s could also. I have a life plan but I’m slowly learning to ditch that blueprint. It’s hard. Currently living in the moment as much as humanly possible for someone as weird as myself.

So why the blog?

Well after a series of unfortunate events, a co-worker of mine gave me an awesome “self-reflection” document to fill out that I am to seal and never open until my 30th birthday. She believes that when I open it, I’ll look back on all the things that were “important” to me at this time and laugh. I believe her. I plan to finish said document before my 23rd birthday which is right around the corner and then that baby is sealed shut for seven WHOLE years. I love the idea and I want more to look back on than a manila envelope filled with five sheets of paper and anyone who knows me knows I’m not much for photos so the next best thing? THE BLOGOSPHERE.


Well my plan here is to post about 8-10 times per month. Now, for the topics.

  1. Recipes. DUH. Baking especially is my favorite way to de-stress. I love baking sweets but cooking actual food is a favorite also. There’s just one problem….meat is not my friend. Don’t get me wrong, I love the stuff, but I obsess over vegetarian and vegan meals. Because of this, my dad has said that I may never marry. HA. I’ll share my recipes here and I will always link you to the creator of said recipe if I happen to have gotten it from another food blog. CITE YOUR SOURCES PEOPLE.
  2. Song of the day, week, moment. Music, another de-stresser in my life. I have a very wide taste in music so you never know what you’re going to get.
  3. Going’s on’s. The occasional post about what’s going on in the world and [maybe] my opinion on said matter. I’m pretty opinionated with no one to debate with (other than my dad sometimes but we usually always agree so that’s tough…also he’s smarter than me so if I do disagree he shuts me down pretty quick). These are going to be the hardest to write about because I don’t like giving explicit answers online. I still don’t think I’ve even said who I’m voting for in this election although I’ve made it painfully obvious.
  4. Diary¬†entries. < – – Scratch what I said earlier, THIS WILL BE THE HARDEST TO WRITE ABOUT. I don’t like talking about my “emotions.” Well I don’t even really have emotions…I’m not sure what to call them. Anyway, I think it’s only fair I share some personal stories on here, I will change names to protect the innocent.
  5. A little something I’m going to call “Lauren-isms.” Weird things about me. This could fill an entire novel but for now I’ll only share them with you a few times a month.
  6. MY FAVORITE SHOW EVERRRR. I have a favorite, favorite show which I will disclose once I write my first post on it. But here’s the rundown: I have a favorite show. It’s five seasons. I’ve seen every season at least three times. Some seasons I’ve seen more than three times. I am getting ready to start it over from the beginning and this time, I want to write a written analysis of some sort on [some] episodes/scenes/moments. There’s so much to this show that is left unsaid, so many literary elements that I want to talk about with SOMEONE. I just want to share it with someone, and that someone is whatever poor person happens to be reading my posts. At least until I find someone who loves the show as much as I do. SORRY CHARLIE.

Okay, I’ve said about all I can say for this first post. Expect to see a new post every Sunday and Wednesday. CIAO!


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