Sunday Post: Chocolate Chip Muffins

Hello! Here’s the Sunday post I promised.

Let me start by saying this: I’m having a dilemma with “the middle rack rule” in my oven. For years I have ignored the middle rack rule and cooked/baked food on the second highest rack and things always seemed to turn out fine. Lately, I’ve been diligent about following the middle rack rule and it’s been nothing short of a nightmare. For those that don’t know, the middle rack rule (a phrase that may or may not exist) is just a preferred method of cooking (usually). Many recipes ask that you adjust your rack to the middle of the oven before cooking and I believe it’s supposed to help food items cook more evenly but it appears to be having the opposite effect for me. Typicalll.

However, I can’t blame this all on the rack rule. I’m also using an oven different than what I’m used to using and that’s probably a much larger reason as to why things aren’t turning out perfect. Regardless, the end result has been a baked good cooked on the outside but a tad bit underdone on the inside. I might start ignoring that rule again.

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